About the Accredited Advocate Register (AAR)

You can use the AAR to find an ESO with qualified advocates who are trained to assist you in accessing services relating to wellbeing, rehabilitation, compensation and appeals for unsuccessful claims.

There are 639 qualified advocates nationally, linked to 268 Ex-Service Organisations, with the skills and knowledge to assist you.

The information regarding contact details for Ex-Service Organisations (ESOs) held on the AAR is maintained by the ESOs. Information regarding the number of qualified advocates linked to an ESO is derived from the ATDP database.
When you contact an ESO seeking advocacy services, you are advised to sight a Statement of Attainment confirming an Advocate’s qualification from the Course in Military Advocacy (10620NAT), a current Letter of Authorisation issued by the ESO and also to confirm that the ESO has Professional Indemnity insurance coverage.

ATDP qualified advocates are not permitted to charge for their services apart from a small fee to cover postage, stationery and the like.

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