About Accredited Advocates Register (AAR)

The AAR includes the contact details of authorised representatives in Ex-Service Organisations (ESOs) who can provide advocacy services. You can search the AAR by ESO name or by region.

Advocacy services can assist you with:

  • the submission of primary claims
  • reconsideration of DRCA determinations or MRCA and VEA appeals to the Veterans Review Board (VRB) and appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), and/or
  • wellbeing support.

More on these services can be found under the About Advocate Levels tab.

It is strongly recommended that a veteran wanting to lodge a claim, should consult with a qualified advocate even if lodging the claim themselves through MyService.

If you have any questions about the AAR please look at our Frequently Asked Questions or contact info@advocateregister.org.au. 

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