list of ex-service organisation (ESO)

This list of ex-service organisation (ESO) advocacy services presents some of the publicly available information of the ATDP Advocacy Register in a tabular form to aid ESOs in the management of their advocacy services. Only levels and stream of advocacy relating to completed qualifications in the Course in Military Advocacy are included in this list of available advocacy services.

To find the contact details of an advocacy service please use the search tools of the Advocacy Register.

Please note:

  • In the ATDP Advocacy Register ESOs maintain their own records of advocates working for their advocacy services.  Collectively ESOs currently record many individuals working as advocates across Australia, with a significant number of these working for more than one advocacy service. 
  • ESOs are requested to update or confirm their records at least once per year, twice a year is better.
  • ESOs are responsible for managing their advocacy services, including providing supervision and support to advocates, and for ensuring that any work undertaken by their advocacy services includes adequate professional indemnity insurance and other protections for their advocates and veterans and their families using those advocacy services.
  • An advocate with multiple qualifications in the Course in Military Advocacy will have each of these recorded as available to veterans and their families. That is - a Compensation Level 4 (able to help with representation at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal) advocate will also be listed as C3 (able to help with reviews and appeals at the Veterans’ Review Board), and C2 (able to help with primary claims).  In the Course in Military Advocacy, the Unit of Competency relating to C2 is a pre-requisite for the C3 UoC, which is a pre-requisite for the C4 UoC.
  • Similarly, if an advocate has both wellbeing and compensation qualifications then their ESO will list them in the Advocacy Register as available to help with both.
  • Level 1 advocates are able to work as advocates but do so under supervision until they gain a qualification relevant to Level 2.
  • 80-85% of the advocates are volunteers.
  • UVC = Unaligned Veteran Centre
  • MESOVC = Multi-ESO Veteran Centre
  • VRVCP = Victorian Regional Veteran Centre Project